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BIM Services

Bogdonov Pao Associates has been on the forefront of BIM consulting and training services since 2005. BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is an innovative technique being used to enhance the construction process. It involves creating a 3D digital representation of physical characteristics in a structure, which allows for a more comprehensive understanding of projects and allows for easier communication between clients, architects, engineers, and contractors.

Our engineers have implemented BIM as a standard in our projects. Bim services allow work for a quick, clear, and concise documentation of various types of projects. In a field that depends so highly on communication, BIM is an extremely valuable resource that should be utilized by all engineering and architecture firms.

One of BPA’s most recent BIM project is the design of a new Airport Traffic Control Tower and Base Building, Champaign, Illinois. BPA was awarded the project based on experience utilizing a BIM process that demonstrated the firm’s expertise in using BIM for integrated, sustainable building design. This is the first ATCT project completed from design development stage through to construction documentation for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Clash Detection Services

"Time is money, especially in the construction world and every owner wants more value for their money"

Clash detection is one of the compelling reasons to convert to Building Information Modeling based contract Our BIM clash detection services provide multiple benefits in contrast to other common practices. Model clash detection allows all its users to check out clashes in selective manner between all discipline BIM models -mechanical, plumbing, electrical, structural and few more.

Clash detection allows for the effective identification, inspection and reporting of interferences in a 3D project model. Clash detection can help you to reduce the risk of human error during model inspections. it can also be used as an ongoing audit check of the project.

After the clash reports have been studied and analyzed thoroughly, internal clash resolution is done which is followed by spatial coordination verification. 

Features of BIM