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Seismic Upgrading and Building Evaluation

Along the west coast of North America, seismic activity poses significant risk for building structures. Bogdonov Pao has conducted a large number of seismic studies and upgrades of buildings. Click on the thumbnail or the building name for larger photos and further information.

Empress Two  

Empress Two  Vancouver, BC
Architect:  Howard Bingham Hill Architects
Owner:  Ledingham McAllister Co. Ltd.
The structural upgrade solution for this building utilizes concrete moment frames at both front and rear walls.

IKON Offices  

IKON Offices  Vancouver, BC
Architect:  Dirassar James Jorgenson Architects
Owner:  IKON Company Ltd.
A complete seismic upgrade was carried out for this 100,000 square feet building. The design included continuous skylights over the roof and attractive building entrances.

May's European Furniture  

May's European Furniture  Vancouver, BC
Architect:  Herwig Pimiskern Architects
Owner:  May's European Furniture
This 100 year old clay brick building is two storeys in front and three storeys in back. The seismic upgrade was carried out in three different stages.

Old Province Building  

Old Province Building  Vancouver, BC
Architect:  W.T.Leung Architects Inc.
This three storey plus basement building design concept included infill shear walls within existing steel frames.

Pemberton Building  

Pemberton Building  Vancouver, BC
Client:  Morgard Investments Ltd.
A complete seismic analysis of the existing building was carried out to assess capacity. Partial upgrade of the building was carried out in the basement where shear walls were added at the building perimeter.


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