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Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Parking structures represent an effective utilization of valuable space in our increasingly crowded cities. Bogdonov Pao has special architectural and structural expertise with these facilities, and has designed well over 100 parking structures along the seismically active west coast of North America. Here are three representative parkades.


Howard Hughes Center
Los Angeles, California

A 5 level parking structure with 703 stalls. Bogdonov Pao also designed 2 additional 7-level parkades with 2086 stalls for this same center. All three parkades utilize post-tensioned, cast-in-place concrete beam and slab construction.


Continental Plaza Parkade
El Segundo, California

Located in El Segundo, California, this seven level parking structure has 739 vehicle stalls. The structure utilizes post-tensioned, cast-in-place concrete beam and slab construction.


Edwards Airport
Ontario, California

Located at Edwards Airfield in Ontario, California, this four level parking structure contains over 1000 stalls. The parkade was designed and constructed as a clear span concrete beam and slab system.


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