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Office Building Projects

Willingdon Park Office Complex   Burnaby, BC


CEI Architecture

Slough Estates

Bogdonov Pao was involved with the design of four major office buildings in this almost 1,000,000 square feet office park. Each of the four is briefly described below.

Willingdon Park 1503 atrium

Willingdon Park

This 70,000 square feet office building is a four storey concrete flat plate structure with a curved facade. The building contains one level of underground parking and is supported on a pile foundation.

Willigdon Park 1502 facade

Willingdon Park

This 150,000 square feet five storey concrete flat plate office building contains an architecturally magnificent structural steel atrium. The atrium is shown in the topmost photo above. The building also has 150,000 square feet of underground parking.

Willingdon Park 1503

Willingdon Park

A 130,000 square feet office building with four storeys of concrete flat plate office structure and one level of underground parking spread over 80,000 sf.

Willingdon Park 1504

Willingdon Park

This three storey office building contains 75,000 square feet of floor area and one level of underground parking.

Willingdon Park 1505


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