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High-Rise Commercial  Building Projects

We've chosen four commercial–use high–rise buildings; two hotels and two offices. Click on the thumbnail or the building name for larger photos and further information.

Best Western Hotel  

Best Western Hotel  Vancouver, BC
Architect:  Gomberoff Policzer Bell Architects
Owner:  Rafiki Investments Ltd.
A twelve storey concrete flat plate building with three levels of underground parking.

Hampton Inn  

Hampton Inn  Vancouver, BC
Architect:  Hancock, Bruckner, Eng & Wright Architects
Owner:  Mayfair Properties Limited
A fifteen storey flat plate structure with three levels of underground parking.


Michelangelo  Vancouver, BC
Architect:  Paul Leong Architect Inc.
Owner:  Diamond Link Enterprises
An eight storey concrete flat–plate office building with two levels of underground parking.

Nam Tai Centre  

Nam Tai Centre  ShenZhen, China
Architect:  Shaanxi Design Institute
Owner:  Nam Tai Electronics Ltd.
A twenty–eight storey concrete post tensioned flat–plate office building with dual cores for wind and seismic resistance.


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