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Construction Services

Bogdonov Pao has provided consulting services to a large number of construction companies. The broad range of contractor services we provide include formwork and falsework design for bridges, heavy civil works, tunnels, and buildings. Other services include precast concrete engineering design and shop drawings, precast plant consulting, formwork for skytrain guideways, access scaffolding, and demolition and erection procedure consulting.

Access Scaffolding  

Access Scaffolding
Even though it's temporary, it requires an engineer's seal and drawings. Here are several examples of some of the scaffolding we've designed.

Heavy Construction Services  

Heavy Construction
We've designed and supervised the construction of an amazing variety of formwork and falsework for almost any shape and size of concrete structure. Here are a few examples.

High-rise Construction Services  

High-rise Construction
Bogdonov Pao has provided consulting services for over one hundred high-rise buildings in the Greater Vancouver Region alone.


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