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Heavy Construction Services

Bogdonov Pao has designed and supervised the construction of an amazing variety of formwork and falsework for almost any shape and size of concrete structure. Here are a few examples.


Annacis Island Sewage Treatment Plant
Delta, BC

Greater Vancouver
Regional District

Bogdonov Pao provided formwork and falsework design services for numerous concrete structures in this sewage treatment plant that services the Greater Vancouver area. The structures include large domes, tunnels, irregular walls, slabs, and silos. As well, we provided a number of services for a variety of precast concrete structures.

Annacis Island Sewage Treatment Plant
Concrete Silo for Sewage Plant

Great Bear Snow Shed
Coquihalla Highway, BC

BC MInistry of Transportation and Highways

Bogdonov Pao provided falsework and formwork services for this picturesque snowshed.

Great Bear Snowshed

Main Street Extension
Vancouver, BC

City of Vancouver

Formwork design involved supporting an eight foot thick concrete spline spanning over triple train tracks with maximum formwork thickness of 36 inches to permit trains to pass during construction. The photo shows concrete being poured while a train travels under the formwork.

Main Street Extension

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