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Bridge Projects

Bogdonov Pao has designed a number of bridges, principally for vehicular traffic, but occasionally for s speciallized application such as the ALSF bridge system below. Here are three examples.


Seattle, Washington

Retained by the FAA, Bogdonov Pao designed the ALSF (Approach Lighting System with Sequenced Flashing Lights) bridge project that supports the runway landing lights for Runway 16L at the Seatac International Airport. The total length of the system is about 730 m (2,400 ft), in which two 183 m (600 ft) long bridge segments are required to span over Interstate 528 and an environmentally sensitive wetlands north of the airport. In order to optimize the structure a wind tunnel test was conducted to more closely understand the actual wind effects on the structure. As well, a time-history analysis was conducted in order to predict the performance of the system in an earthquake likely to occur in the Seattle Area. The time-history analysis subjects a computer model of the structure to an earthquake. The tests resulted in savings of 15% on the structure weight for the two 183 m (600 ft) long spans.

ALSF Bridge
ALSF Bridge

Audie Murphy Ranch Bridge
Riverside County, California

A 128' span bridge comprised of steel girders and a concrete deck for the Audie Murphy Ranch development.

Main Street Extension

Feagle bridge
Feagle Creek, Oregon

A 56' span bridge comprised of a precast concrete deck on steel girders.


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