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Bridge Construction Services

Bogdonov Pao has designed and supervised the construction of a variety of temporary structures utilized during bridge construction. In some instances, such as the Main Street overpass below, the bridge deck formwork involved building a temporary bridge to carry construction loading within extremely stringent tolerances.


ALRT Guideway
Vancouver, BC

Designed access platforms that were used to upgrade the curved steel box girders of the guideway to carry heavier transit vehicles. The access platforms were hung directly from the concrete deck with a secondary tie to the bottom flanges of the girders. This permitted other work to be carried out below without interference.

ALRT Guideway

Main Street Overpass
Vancouver, BC

The Main Street overpass includes two traffic lanes as well as very wide sidewalks with planters. Bogdonov Pao provided form work design for this curved and super elevated cast-in place reinforced concrete bridge. Formwork design involved supporting an eight foot thick concrete spline spanning over triple train tracks with maximum formwork thickness of 36 inches to permit trains to pass during construction. The top photo shows concrete being poured while a train travels under the formwork.

Main Street Extension
Main Street Extension

Port Mann Bridge
Fraser River, BC

Designed access platforms for the painting of the tied arch box girders of the Port Mann Bridge. The enclosed work spaces were used to remove the old paint by sand blasting and to provide a sheltered environment for the application of the new paint.

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