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Air traffic Control Towers

Bogdonov Pao and its parent company, BPA Group, have been selected by the FAA to generate a series of deisgns for blast-resistant ATCTs throughout the US. The prototype for this next generation of ATCTs is currently under construction in Medford, Oregon. We will post photos of it shortly.


Seattle, Washington

Initially retained by the FAA to conduct a post earthquake rapid screen damage inspection after the Nisqually Earthquake of 2001, Bogdonov Pao acted as the structural consultant to the FAA and cooperated with the structural consultant hired by the Airport Authority, the Port of Seattle. Based on BPA's review, FAA granted acceptance to the Port of Seattle on the repair of the tower..

ALSF Bridge

Paine Field ATCT
Everett, Washington

The new ATCT at Paine Field, Everett has a 37 sq m (400 sq ft) cab sitting atop a 50 m (162 feet) pedestal. During the design phase, BPA Group was retained by the FAA to provide an alternate structural design that would optimize the structure to resist earthquake and wind loads. The tower is used primarily for Boeing test flights, although it was pressed into passenger service after the Nisqually earthquake damaged the SeaTac ATCT in 2001. Eleven air traffic control personnel utilize the tower on a typical 14 hour day.

Main Street Extension

Olympia ATCT
Olympia, Washington

After the Nisqually earthquake of 2001, Bogdonov Pao was retained by the FAA to do a rapid screen seismic evaluation on the ATCT at Olympia, Washington. Rapid screen reviews were also performed at King County ATCT and Renton ATCT.


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