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John Pao

John spacer obtained a B.A.Sc. in 1980 and an M.Eng. in 1984 from the University of British Columbia. He is licensed to practise as a registered Professional Engineer in 16 provinces and states, including both the earthquake–prone state of California and the extreme weather state of Alaska. He is a driving force behind several initiatives to enhance the structural engineering profession in British Columbia, and the founding president of the Vancouver Structural Engineers Group Society. John has presented papers at local and international conferences, lectured in seismic conferences and has taught Reinforced Concrete Design at the BC Institute of Technology.

1987–Present : Bogdonov Pao Associates Ltd., Principal

Structural Engineer responsible for a large number of building projects including high–rise residential towers, large office and commercial buildings, and low–rise commercial and residential buildings. Developed innovative, practical and economical solutions for a multitude of difficult forming, erection and shoring problems for many high–rise buildings, bridges and tunnels, heavy concrete structures, temporary stadiums etc., for a great variety of contractors. He is the structural Engineer of record for a variety of projects in the Western United States including large multi-story parking structures, mixed-use building complexes, air traffic control towers, seismic upgrade of existing buildings, watersides, and structural steel and wood truss design.

Company Principal responsible for authoring structural engineering design software to permit optimization of structural design solutions:
• Concrete slab, flat plate, slab band analysis and design
• Concrete column analysis and design
• Tilt–up panel analysis and design including lifting and bracing
• Structural steel "gerber" beam analysis and design
• Concrete core and shear wall seismic analysis and design

1984–1987 : Loewen Bogdonov Associates, Structural Engineer

• Structural Engineer responsible for a variety of building projects. Formwork engineering for a large cross section of contractors in the Greater Vancouver area.


John Pao

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